Monday May 23, 2022

Bird feeders are OK but keep wild birds from backyard chickens as avian flu spreads in Ontario: experts

As avian influenza spreads across Ontario, officials are urging people with backyard chickens to pay attention to potential signs of infection in their flocks. They’re also warning people not to feed wild birds by hand and to ensure bird feeders are kept clean to curb potential spread of the flu. Shayan Sharif, a professor at the Ontario Veterinary […]

Hernandez leads Blue Jays to wild win over Rangers in Toronto’s 1st home opener since 2019

The Blue Jays’ first home opener in Toronto in three years won’t soon be forgotten by Teoscar Hernandez, his teammates, or the sold-out crowd at Rogers Centre. Hernandez had a three-run blast and scored the winning run as Toronto rallied for a raucous 10-8 win over the Texas Rangers on Friday. It was the first […]

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Turns An Immigrant Family Tale Into A Wild Ride

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” begins with a window into the daily struggles of an everyday woman. Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) is being squeezed from all sides: The IRS is auditing her business, she and her husband, Waymond (Ke Huy Quan), might be getting a divorce, she struggles to understand her adult daughter Joy (Stephanie […]

NFL overtime rules under scrutiny after Chiefs knock out Bills in wild playoff game

The Kansas City Chiefs’ thrilling overtime defeat of the Buffalo Bills on Sunday led to NFL fans wanting some type of rule change for next season and beyond. The Chiefs were awarded the football first thanks to the coin toss going their way. Overtime rules state if the team with possession first scores a touchdown, […]

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