Monday Jun 27, 2022

Retired agent on Secret Service infiltration: We don’t know where this was going

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Retired Secret Service agent Jeff James joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” Friday to discuss foreign operatives infiltrating the White House Secret Service. JESSE WATTERS: What do you think these foreign agents were after? Was this possibly a foreign intelligence gathering plot, or were they maybe looking to possibly […]

Bad Tweet Gets UK Man 150 Hours Of Court-Ordered Community Service

Sometimes, bad tweets come with consequences. A Glasgow man who got drunk and wrote something mean about celebrated British army captain Sir Tom Moore on Twitter was sentenced to 150 hours of community service on Wednesday, skirting a possible jail sentence. His tweet, made shortly after Moore’s death in February of last year, was legally […]

Navy hits MP Kevin Vuong with a service offence charge for failing to disclose 2019 arrest

After an investigation lasting more than five months, the Royal Canadian Navy has charged Sub-Lt. Kevin Vuong — a naval reservist and member of Parliament — for failing to disclose that he was criminally charged with sexual assault in 2019. The sex assault charge was later dropped and Vuong has denied any wrongdoing. The military […]

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