Thursday Jun 30, 2022

Russia aims to split Ukraine into 2 countries, like Korea, Ukrainian intelligence official says

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy continued to call on the world to do more to help his country fend off Russian aggressors, going as far as to accuse the West of cowardice during an address on Sunday, while a top Ukrainian official identified a shift in Russian strategies. […]

‘Unfriendly countries’: Russia puts Canada, others on list

Canada is one of multiple countries and territories now on Russia’s so-called “unfriendly countries” list for imposing sanctions over its war in Ukraine. The Russian government says the list, posted on its official website and shared by state media, includes countries that have imposed or joined sanctions against Russia. It says a government commission must […]

Russia vs. Ukraine: Which countries aren’t picking sides?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has threatened to both destabilize Europe and pull the United States into what is considered the most consequential security confrontation the region has faced since the Cold War. Many world leaders, including those of Canada, the U.S., Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and Colombia, have condemned the attack on Ukraine. Syria has […]

Russia-Ukraine crisis: How countries’ armed forces stack up

Ukraine’s armed forces are heavily outnumbered and outgunned by Russia’s, but as Russia begins what may be a large-scale invasion, military experts say they would be capable of mounting significant resistance and inflicting heavy casualties. Ukraine’s army is also better trained and equipped than in 2014, when Russia captured the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine without […]

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