Saturday Jul 02, 2022

I’ve seen Ukrainian suffering up close and we must continue to send critical lethal and nonlethal aid

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! On a deceptively serene and sunny day at the Romanian border with Ukraine, near the town of Serit, I saw firsthand the pain and torment inflicted upon a sovereign nation by a tyrannical autocrat.  As I walked through the checkpoints and met with Ukrainian refugees fleeing to […]

Satellite imagery shows Russian ground forces dispersing to positions close to the Ukraine border

A satellite image shows an overview of helicopter deployments at Valuyki, Russia on February 20. (Maxar Technologies) New satellite imagery shows intensified activity among Russian units close to Ukraine’s northeastern border, with units that were in garrisons appearing to take up field positions. The satellite images were collected by Maxar on Sunday. Maxar assesses that “multiple […]

Police barricade street, schools close, ahead of anti-mandate protest in Fredericton

FREDERICTON, N.B. – Police in Fredericton have barricaded a street in front of the provincial legislature, and schools in the downtown have closed in anticipation of a protest today against COVID-19 public health measures. Supporters of the ongoing protest in Ottawa have vowed to gridlock Fredericton to make their point. Police have […]

Colorado Children’s Museum Forced To Close Over Anti-Mask Outrage

DENVER (AP) — A Colorado children’s museum is the latest casualty of harassment by people angry over mask mandates designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, for decades a popular downtown attraction primarily devoted to those age 8 and under, temporarily closed on Wednesday because of […]

New Mexico business owner won’t close doors despite van theft, repeated burglaries: ‘I keep at it’

A New Mexico flower shop has been burglarized four times despite deploying surveillance cameras and alarms. Despite the numerous break-ins, the owner said Tuesday still feels blessed to run her store and is not considering closing the doors. Lisa Velarde has security footage of the latest break-in at Signature Sweets and Flowers, which shows a […]

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