Monday Jun 27, 2022

Rays of hope emerge in rebuild of Lytton, B.C., months after wildfire destruction

Denise O’Connor is back in Lytton, B.C., living in the home she spent her childhood years. But it’s not where she was living last summer when a wildfire swept through the Fraser Canyon village and destroyed almost everything in its path, including the house with a river view where O’Connor, 63, lived for more than 30 years. “I’m not […]

Dallas officials charge man in 1984 cold case murder, nearly 38 years to the day young woman found dead

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Dallas District Attorney (DA) John Creuzot’s office on Friday arrested and charged a man for the 1984 killing of a 21-year-old woman, Mary Jane Thompson. Edward Morgan, 60, now faces one count of capital murder in Thompson’s killing after 38 years following an investigation by the DA’s […]

Ukraine’s president calls for a list of sanctions against Russia to be made public now

Speaking to CNN, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that “any provocations are very dangerous” when asked about a potential false flag pretext for war with Russia.  “I think the most complicated question is that in Crimea, in the temporary occupied territory of the Donbas along Ukraine and Russia, there is 30-35,000 on the temporary occupying territories … so provocations are, indeed, very […]

Western Europe cleans up after wrath of powerful storm that killed 12

Crews cleared fallen trees and worked to restore power to about 400,000 customers in Britain as western Europe cleaned up Saturday after one of the most damaging storms in years. At least 12 people were killed, many by falling trees, in Ireland, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Named Eunice by the British and Irish weather […]

Kamala Harris says Russia will suffer significant economic costs if it invades Ukraine: ‘Swift and severe’

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Vice President Kamala Harris warned Russia Saturday that there would be “swift and severe” consequences if it violates Ukraine’s sovereignty as President Biden predicted would happen just hours prior. Speaking from the Munich Security Conference in Germany, Harris reiterated U.S. and NATO efforts to de-escalate the conflict […]

Ukraine Rebels Mobilize Troops Amid Russia Invasion Fears

MOSCOW (AP) — Separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine ordered a full military mobilization Saturday amid a spike of violence in the war-torn region and fears in the West that Russia might use the strife as a pretext for an invasion. Denis Pushilin, the head of the pro-Russia separatist government in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, released a […]

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