Monday Jun 27, 2022

Lana Condor And Anthony De La Torre Are Engaged: ‘The Easiest Decision I’ve Ever Made’

After a fairy-tale romance that feels as if it were made for the movies, Lana Condor is bound for matrimony. The star of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” confirmed Friday that she and boyfriend Anthony De La Torre had gotten engaged after six years of dating. “Saying YES was the easiest decision I’ve […]

Canada removes travel requirements for India, Morocco

TORONTO — Special COVID-19-related entry requirements and information for flights coming from India and Morocco into Canada have been removed, according to updated travel advice for those countries on the federal government’s website. The updates appear to remove the last of the special requirements for the two countries in what began as flight bans last […]

Gas stoves leak methane even while off, boosting climate change

Gas stoves are contributing more to global warming than previously thought because of constant tiny methane leaks while they’re off, a new study found. The same study that tested emissions around stoves in homes raised new concerns about indoor air quality and health because of levels of nitrogen oxides measured. Even when they are not […]

Jim Acosta’s foray into CNN’s primetime lineup struggles to attract viewers

Jim Acosta’s troubled foray this week into CNN’s primetime lineup included everything from disinformation to widely mocked hot takes, but the outspoken host’s saving grace could be that hardly anybody tuned in.  CNN has experimented with different options at 9 p.m. ET since it was forced to terminate Chris Cuomo last year. This week, it was […]

She was shoveling snow 2 blocks from the bridge when she heard a crash. Here’s what she saw.

Vehicles are seen stranded after the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh on Friday. (Jeff Swensen/Getty Images) The bridge that collapsed today in Pittsburgh had an “overall condition” rating of “poor,” according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website that tracks bridges across the state. The bridge was built in 1970, was 447 feet long, and made of […]

Russia-Ukraine crisis will not be traditional war: expert

As western governments and intelligence services attempt to figure out what comes next amid growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, whatever escalation materializes is unlikely to be a traditional war, says one Canadian expert. While diplomatic channels are flowing back and forth to prevent what the U.S. characterized as a possible imminent invasion of Ukraine […]

Star releasing huge bursts of energy may be 1st of its kind ever discovered

Scientists have detected what appears to be an incredibly dense star behaving unlike anything else ever seen — and suspect it might be a type of exotic astrophysical object whose existence has until now been only hypothesized. The object, spotted using the Murchison Widefield Array telescope in outback Western Australia, unleashed huge bursts of energy roughly […]

Only 59% of single adults encountered by Border Patrol expelled via Title 42 in December

Outnumbered – Thursday, January 27 On today’s episode, Josh Holmes is ‘Outnumbered’ as mass amounts of migrants are being released in Texas including criminals. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin sends more troops to the Ukraine border. NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Just 59% of single adult migrants encountered by Border Patrol agents […]

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